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Hospice and Palliative Care Support

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Facing serious illness or the possibility of end-of-life approaching is one of the most intense and pivotal experiences we go through, not only for the person experiencing this transition, but for their loved ones as well.  Starana's mission is to enrich lives and facilitate a better quality of life through this process.  We provide support for our clients and loved ones by holding a calm, spacious presence using integrated therapeutic modalities. We are respectful and supportive of all cultures, religions, and beliefs.

Through ancient wisdom and scientifically proven techniques, our services will help to soothe and balance the nervous system and energy flow, calm the mind, and help manage your emotions during this transitional time. We also help relieve the physical tightness and unease that often accompanies stress and grief.  The healing tools we use include an integrated use of:  Healing Touch, Reiki,  Music,  Aromatherapy,  Guided Meditation and Visualization,  Calming and Balancing Breath Practices, Somatic Bodywork, and  Therapeutic Yoga. 

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Starana works with people and their loved ones at every stage of the hospice or palliative care process, customizing each session to accommodate your personalized needs.  Oftentimes, healing occurs on levels much deeper than the physical.  Our goal is to provide the client with the particular environment they need to feel supported enough to allow that deeper level of healing, balance, and relaxation to occur.  This healing space helps the whole being find more balance, solace, and peace.

 Through Starana, Danielle provides an extra layer of support and empowers the client and loved ones to use these unique tools and techniques to continue promoting further connection and healing.