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Pre/Post Surgical Support

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Anyone who has undergone critical surgical intervention knows that the time leading up to surgery can be stressful and overwhelming.  Starana holds a core belief that stress is an impediment to healing.  In addition to treating physical symptoms, comprehensive healing requires that the emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual aspects of the individual are addressed as well. We work to support you on every level of your being, leading up to and throughout surgery and recovery.

Starana's practices work in harmony with and compliment other medical procedures, surgeries, and therapies.  Our goal is to help people reach an internal state of balance that is conducive for healing during what is often a fearful or intimidating experience. 

Through ancient and scientifically proven techniques, our services will help to soothe and balance the nervous system and energy flow, calm the mind, and help manage your emotions during this transitional time. We also help relieve physical tightness and unease that often accompanies the stress a person can experience undergoing surgery.  The healing tools we use include an integrated use of: Healing Touch, Reiki,  Music,  Aromatherapy,  Guided Meditation and Visualization,  Calming and Balancing Breath Practices, Somatic Bodywork, and Therapeutic Yoga. All sessions are customized to accommodate each client's unique needs and situation by providing a tailored, individualized treatment.