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General Life Transition Support

While life transitions such as anticipatory grief, divorce, career change, death of a loved one, or other personal matters can be a difficult and demanding time, they can also be the gateway for transformation. Starana believes transitions can be an opportunity to change the trajectory of one's life. By letting go and surrendering, as well as making intentional and intuitive based decisions, we can mindfully move through these life changes with more grace, ease, and awareness. Starana works with you wherever you are on the road of life to promote healthy transformations through periods of transition.

Through ancient and scientifically proven techniques, our services will help to soothe and balance the nervous system and energy flow, calm the mind, and help manage your emotions during this transitional time. We also help relieve physical tightness and unease that comes from the stress of moving through a major life change.  The healing tools we use include  an integrated use of: Healing Touch, Reiki,  Music,  Aromatherapy,  Guided Meditation and Visualization,  Calming and Balancing Breath Practices, Somatic Bodywork, and Therapeutic Yoga.  Sessions are customized to accommodate each client's personalized needs.