Starana's mission is to facilitate a more comfortable transition for clients and their loved ones throughout their process. 

As an end-of-life doula, my primary focus is to walk alongside my clients as a witness and companion, bringing a sense of dignity and respect for each individual’s life. I also offer reiki, guided breathing, meditation or visualization, and somatic bodywork in addition if the situation is appropriate. I customize each visit to accommodate the client and caregivers personal needs.  

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I hope to empower the client and caregivers with tools and techniques to promote further connection, healing, and peace through this transition. Starana accepts all cultures, religions, and beliefs.

In addition, Starana offers Legacy Videos to commemorate our client’s life. This can be a beautiful way to share life’s philosophy, experience, ethics, and learned wisdom to generations for come. These videos are a way to allow one’s legacy to live on.

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