Healing Support for Life Transitions


Healing Support for Life Transitions

Starana is designed to support you or your loved one move through life's transitions with greater ease. Weather you are undergoing medical treatment for an illness, facing end of life, or experiencing a major life change, I meet you where you are to ensure your needs are met. In Sanskrit, the word Starana is defined as the act of spreading or scattering.  It is my hope to spread and scatter "seeds" of healing, strength, wisdom, and compassion.

Support includes an integrative use of yoga, reiki, somatic bodywork, energy healing, meditation, mindfulness, and breath work to bring calm and solace to your whole being.

Change is an inevitable law of life that everyone experiences. When major changes cause us to face the unknown, they often bring overwhelming fear, stress, and tension. What if these same changes could also be extraordinary gateways for transformation and growth?  

Starana attends to the whole person: emotion, mind, energy, spirit, and physical body. I utilize the understanding that healing is not just about treating the physical pain and symptoms.

Through ancient wisdom and scientifically proven techniques, Starana’s services will help to soothe, calm and balance the nervous system and help manage your emotions during this transitional time. These services also help relieve the physical tightness and unease that often accompanies stress and grief.  The healing tools used include an integrated use of:  Guided Meditation and Visualization,  Calming and Balancing Breath Practices, Reiki, Somatic Bodywork, and  Therapeutic Yoga. 

In addition, Starana offers Legacy Videos to commemorate you or your loved one’s life. This can be a beautiful way to share your life’s philosophy, experience, ethics, and learned wisdom to generations for come. These videos are a way to allow your legacy to live on.

Starana’s services are designed to work in harmony and complement other medical procedures, surgeries, and therapies. Through an integrated approach, I will work with you to create an inner environment conducive to balance and healing on every level.

Reiki Master, Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, Breath work, Energy healing, Somatic Bodywork, Mindfulness, Healing Touch, Reiki

About me

Danielle Thornton, Owner

Transition Specialist, End of Life Doula, RYT 500, Reiki Master

My practice provides healing support through the modalities of somatic bodywork,  guided meditation and visualization, yoga, breathing practices, and reiki to work with each person's unique needs.  My intention is to be a presence of calm to allow clients to have a safe space to let go, relax, and tap into their own inner potential for healing and growth.

I believe life transitions can symbolize the death of one chapter of life and allow for the opening of another. This form of death and rebirth can happen many times throughout a lifetime. I hope to facilitate space for this process to happen with grace and ease.

After working in the medical and long-term care settings for 10 years, I found these environments can add stress and discomfort to people who are already facing a challenging experience. I wanted to help, but I first needed to find a way to manage my own stress and unease. This prompted my search for life’s deeper meaning. Through the extensive study of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama (breath work), Somatic  Bodywork, Mindfulness, Energy Medicine, Consciousness, and Reiki, I have uncovered a renewed authenticity, balance, and fulfillment within myself. It’s my hope to share the transformative power of these practices with clients.