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"Danielle helped my family and I during a very difficult time in our lives. While my uncle was in hospice with cancer, Danielle would help him find deeper peaceful surrender and relax during what was an overwhelming time for him-- as well as my family.  She also worked with me and the family helping us in our ability to feel more calm--which in turn, assisted in our ability to be a stronger and more calm support system for my uncle. Although my uncle lost his battle with cancer, we can find some comfort knowing he had great care during the last weeks of his precious life. She is such a loving and calming presence and has a natural ability to help improve the quality of life for someone going through any hardship like death or serious illness."

-Ayah Isa

"In the past year I have had Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Danielle's manner is extraordinary in dealing with the stress and strains of someone going through chemotherapy. She guides in a way that allows me to relax and to not have to think, so I can be focused and relaxed in the present moment---which is very refreshing. Sessions with Danielle are something I look forward to every week, as taking time for myself to soothe and restore was a priority to me throughout my experience in getting cancer treatments, and even now, in my recovery period." 

-Richard Plimmer, The Tamale Company

"Danielle and I have been working together for over a year now.  We began during one of the hardest times in my life, going through a divorce of a 26-year marriage.  Danielle's healing touch was the support system my body needed, she always held space for the most incredible transformation.  During transition, there is a feeling of floating or falling in space, it can be an unknown and scary territory that we usually resist.  Danielle has no judgement or a need to fix you. Rather she holds a space of solid ground you can easily access through her yoga, reiki, meditation and breathing exercises.  She is the ultimate transition to transformation doula."  

-Suzy Batiz Entrepreneur, Founder Poo-Pourri

“Danielle truly was a blessing as my grandmother prepared to pass away. Her calm presence and ability to make my grandmother feel beautiful inside and out was such a remarkable thing to see, and such a gift to my grandmother and our family during a difficult time. I know my grandmother got to experience a glimpse of the calm and peace she is now experiencing in Heaven every time Danielle came into her hospice room. Her end of life doula services are invaluable and something my whole family looks back on with immense gratitude. “

-Ashley McCurry

"I am very thankful for Danielle and my experience with her healing touch through Yoga. My husband experienced the challenge of cancer this year.  As a spouse of someone going through cancer, my time with Danielle always brought me great comfort for my mind and body. "

-Deborah P.

"Danielle has been remarkable in helping me navigate my mind and body's aging process. As the body matures, your balance, equilibrium, and mobility change and you can feel heavier or more pulled down by gravity. Through my work with Danielle, I always leave our sessions feeling much more light, open, and mobile. Not only does my body, mind, and spirit feel better and more balanced the day of the session, but I feel the effects for days after. My body feels more aligned and straightened out, my mind more calm, and an my whole being more balanced which has significantly improved my day-to-day quality of life!"   

-Susan Hepola,  LCSW 

"Danielle worked with my elderly aunt who's health was quickly declining, in the very last weeks of her life. It was a relief to see her quality of life significantly improve during her time spent with Danielle. Starana's end-of-life doula services gave my aunt- as well as my family- a greater peace of mind and reassurance that we found to be of immeasurable value."

- Dr. Anthony A.

"I have been working with Danielle for almost two years now. During our time together, she has taught me far more than the physical therapeutic aspects of yoga-- we have worked on the mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual connection that is in unrivaled. Through our time together, I have learned how to have peace in situations that I was unable to before and I find times of stress and illness much easier to handle; and her gentle touch has helped me so much through times of injury. There is no one that I would trust more than Danielle to help me transition in life--and  I pray I’m fortunate enough to have her as my end-of-life doula when my earthly journey is completed. I’ve never known a gentler spirit and less judgmental person than Danielle-- there is room in her heart for so many!"

-Susanne Taylor, Founder at  Susanne Taylor and Associates

“Danielle is a well of abundance. She is full of a level of calm and gentleness to which even the most guarded or restless heart observes in awe. Danielle is a pioneering expert in the most fragile of theaters. Her authority in this difficult field is simply demonstrated by results. Danielle stepped in when ALS had us all at our wits end in terms of the suffering & antagonism the disease waged on my father. Following the first session, my father was more at ease; accepting the storm around him, and he even took a nap afterwards (a real feat, let me tell you). The immediate connection Danielle established with my father (and myself) was genuine, human, and acutely in tune. I saw bliss on my father's face, fully-present, when all senses fired off otherwise. Danielle understands the essential power of letting go. Once my dad passed, I hired Danielle to come work with mom. Danielle is not only practically qualified, but went beyond the call; bridging the gap often left open between the physical, mental, and spiritual self. I am grateful for her, because she gifted a level of dignity to my father's death that we tend to lose sight of in the darkest of moments.

-Jes Elliott

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