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Individualized General Support

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For those who want to improve their overall health and wellbeing, are in a life transition, experienced trauma, loss, or bereavement. Starana meets each person where they are on all levels to support inner transformation and healing. We will work together to mindfully move through life’s challenges with more grace, ease, and awareness.

Together, we will address the mind, energy, body, and emotions as a means to improving life and wellbeing. The healing tools used may include an integrated use of:  Therapeutic Yoga, Reiki, Somatic Bodywork, Meditation, and Breathing Practices.

My philosophy is well said through this quote by Maryam Hasnaa: “A healer does not heal you. A healer is someone who holds space for you to awaken your inner healer, so that you may heal yourself.” My goal is to empower my clients to tap into the intrinsic knowing that they have the potential to heal themselves. My practice serves as a catalyst for this healing.

Sessions are customized to accommodate each client's personalized needs.  See Pricing and Details for more information.